Engitec Technologies makes available its experience in the non-ferrous metallurgy in several sectors, covering the phases of scrap processing, of the smelting and of the refining/alloying up to the production of the end-products.

Great attention is given to the ecological aspect, by strictly applying and guaranteeing any international or local regulations in terms of gases and fumes emissions, as well as of the management of waste liquids and solid effluence.

The protection of in-plant workers is a mandatory aspect which involves the study and the design of suitable production equipment ever since the start up of any single project.

The Technologies developed and offered by Engitec are applicable to the following industrial activities:

Secondary lead from lead-acid batteries recycling
Primary lead from ore concentrate
Special Equipment dedicated to the Lead industry

Secondary Aluminum from scrap
Aluminum billets and profiles throught continuous and semi-continuous casting
Aluminum salt slag treatment

Zinc scrap treatment and smelting
EAF dust treatment
Zinc Electrowinning from CZO

Copper scrap processing
Copper and Copper alloys production
Primary Copper from ore concentrate and oxyde