New Lead Acid Battery System

for treatment of 100% ABS battery

The new CX system generation with a capability to treat 100% ABS battery has been recently commissioned successfully to

AnXin jinyusheng NonFerrous Metal smelts Co.,Ltd.

The plant has been designed to treat both PP and ABS Batteries working by campaign.

Plant Location: Baoding, China

With both kind of batteries the following performances have been reached:

Plant Capacity : 20 Ton/h average on 8 hours shift

ABS quality: < 1000 ppm of Pb

PP quality: < 1000 ppm of Pb

CX Process

Total Recycling of Lead Acid Batteries – The Environmentally Friendly Route.

Presented at "International Battery Exhibition"; June 2001; Beijing, China Presented at "Interbat Exhibition"; February 2001; Moscow, Russia.


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