For more than 30 years, Engitec Technologies has added value to Clients by successfully developing complex and innovative projects throughout the world.

As a global provider of Technology, Engineering and Equipment, Engitec is recognized by the Metallurgical Industry for the reliable, safe, efficient and innovative process solutions implemented in the Plants around the world.


Engitec Technologies is a fully private Joint Stock Company, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Milan at the figure MI 1560414

The Company shares are divided among the main title-holder (80% - Morandi Family of Cremona) and Management (20%)

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The home-developed proper technologies include the following:

1) Plant for lead recycling and primary lead treatment;

2) Zinc and iron recovery from EAF dust;

3) Copper and alloys recycling, smelting, casting and profiling;

4) Aluminium and alloys recycling, smelting and casting;

5) Aluminium smelting slag processing and salts recovery;

6) Electro-winning and electrolysis;

7) Process gases filtration.


Consolidated turnover range: 61M Euro
Personnel: 220
Headquarter Property Offices: 3.200 sqm
Workshop: 28.000 sqm
Manufacturing capacity: 6.000 t/a


INSPIRING INNOVATION is the key Company Mission of Engitec. This is pursued daily by developing recycling technologies to enable efficiency and environmental compliance.

INSPIRING INNOVATION is accomplished through leadership committed to strong investment in R&D and joining the best scientists and technologists with expert engineers, operators and manufacturers in a common goal to provide Clients with the most technologically advanced processes, equipment and Plants.