Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility


Social responsibility is an essential part of Engitec culture and activities and sustainability is considered a major value.


Engitec is committed to a better working environment which could guarantee the safety and the health of all personnel.

In undertaking complex projects that often include social impacts, Engitec Technologies aims to achieve efficiency, innovation and results, paying maximum attention to quality of life and the working standards. Every effort is made in order to direct its technology to cut both the environmental and the healthy impact through the reduction of wastes and emissions as well as always maintaining a safe and accident-free work environment.


Several actions in the social field have been carried on by Engitec, especially as activities in favor of childhood, both in Italy and in third Countries.

Engitec continues to leverage its social commitment through volunteering, employee donations and support to local and global non-profits organizations.

Social ResponsibilitySocial ResponsibilitySocial ResponsibilitySocial Responsibility