Research & Development


Research & Development

Engitec's Research Department started his activity in 1986.


Thanks the hydrometallurgical and electrochemical process it is now possible to reach the standards of environmental purity (on micro and macroclimate) already required by the present regulations but not granted by the Phyrometallurgical processes.

The goal of the innovative process are:

  • Low energy levels of the reactions taking place at the electrodes
  • Lower energy waste in the auxiliary operations no more necessary (for example: suction of combustion fumes and reaction gases at high temperature; dusts filtration and separation together with transportation and rework; ventilation system in the working ambient, etc)
  • Reduction of sanitary check on personnel, mainly due to a better ambient environment quality
  • Higher purity of the product


Lead producers

  • Metal extraction from residues
  • Hydrometallurgical treatment of galena
  • New electrorefining process

Copper producers

  • Hydrometallurgical process for scraps and cables
  • Hydrometallurgical treatment of chalcopyrite and other copper minerals
  • Copper cathodes production from heap leaching solutions

Zinc producers

  • Galvanzing of zinc plates
  • Hydrometallurgical treatment of zinc bearing materials

Electric steel producers

  • Hydrometallurgical treatment for the recovery of zinc and for recycling of flue dusts to the electrical furnaces

Electric energy producers

  • Sulphur dioxide treatment by means of barium sulphide with consequent production of elemental S

Various industries

  • Electrodialysis processes and inorganic/organic electrochemistry.