New Ammonia Salt Desulphurization Process Released

The new Ammonia Salt Desulphurization Process for the lead paste will be operative at the ECORUSMETAL plant ( in Slantsy, Russia, St Petersburg region. The new process enables the CX plant to super-desulphurize the lead paste still ensuring the lowest rate of slag production at the rotary furnaces and to produce Ammonium Sulphate solution or New salt, fertilizer grade, instead of Sodium Sulphate Salt, overcoming the market issues of the nowadays high price of Soda Ash and low price of Sodium Sulphate. The highly diffused use of the fertilizers based on Ammonium Sulphate makes in most of the cases convenient to sell the product in aqueous solution form, saving the cost of concentration and drying. The new Ammonia Salt Desulphurization Process was studied and developed by Engitec in its Demo Plant in Italy with remarkable results in terms of products quality and chemicals consumptions.