Inspiring innovation since 30 years

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Inspiring innovation since 30 years

Engitec Technologies SpA is an Engineering and Contracting company, providing complete Original Equipment Manufactured Plants for the recovery of non-ferrous materials from both primary and secondary sources. Sources such as scrap, process slag and dross, lead-acid batteries and other wastes, as well as primary ore concentrates. All the processes are in full compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations worldwide.

Engitec headquarters includes Research and Development facilities with full equipped analysis laboratory and dedicated Pilot Plant operations for the internal development of innovative technologies for the recovery of Aluminium, Lead, Copper and Zinc both from primary and secondary source including scrap, slags, dusts and ore concentrates.

Engitec know-how and expertise has been developed, tested and improved through the design and construction of plants over 40 countries in the 5 continents.

Inspiring innovation since 30 yearsInspiring innovation since 30 yearsInspiring innovation since 30 years


Engitec is quality certified though the SINCERT UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality System

Engitec is certified as Qualified Contractor of the Italian Republic Administration by satisfying the requirements stated by Law DPR 207/2010 for the following ranges:

  • Supply and construction of Oil, Gas and Water Piping (cat OG6, Class I).
  • Supply and construction of Municipal Wastes Treatment Plants (cat. OS14, Class VIII).
  • Supply and construction of Water Treatment Plants (cat OS22, Class VI).


1978 - Engitec is established as spin-off of one private Group active in the Non-Ferrous metals production

1980 - First development of mechanized wet-process battery breaker

1985 – Start up of technical and commercial activities for third Parties

1986 – The Engitec R&D Company is established with the scope of investigate on innovative technologies

1991 – Joint venture between Engitec R&D and Metallgesellshaft Group of Germany

1992 – The first plant for Aluminium salt slag processing (STE) is installed and operated

1995 – The first pilot plant for lead concentrate electrowinning process (FLUBOR) is positively tested and patented

1996 – The first plant for Zinc recovery from EAF Dust (EZINEX) is installed and operated

2000 – The process of desulphurization of the lead battery paste is tested and applied on several plants

2002 – Engitec enters in Joint venture with Ecometal (Estonia) for the realization of a new battery processing plant

2006 Engitec R&D Company is incorporated into Engitec Technologies

2008 – The new process of super-desulphurization of the lead battery paste is tested and applied

2010 – The FLUBOR process is designed and installed as demonstrative plant at DOE RUN Co. (MO, USA)

2012 – The CX battery breaker plant reaches the number of 60 installations in the world

2012 – Akrasun, a 4,4 MW photovoltaic power station, built and owned by Engitec Technologies, started operation

2015 – A2L Energy, a cogeneration power plant built and owned by Engitec Technologies for the supply of electric energy and steam to a North Italian paper mill, started operation

2015 – Engitec technologies acquires 80% shares of the German company Richard Kablitz G.m.b.H., specialized in design and contruction of energy production plants from biomass combustion

The Engitec history in lead and battery recycling

1926: the mother company starts the activities in non-ferrous metals collection and classification.

1930-35: first batteries treatment through manual crushing and smelting of “plates” in reverberatory furnace.

1940-50: semi-mechanized operation, through a mobile blade, cutting the lids of the batteries fixed on a conveyor.

1945: The first Rotary Furnace is installed.

1950: The first lead electrolysis is implemented.

1960-65: first mechanized system is applied, to crush and separate the batteries mainly with ebonite cases, inside a rotary drum, with the separations by rotating screens and by sink and float system.

1970-75: New concept of Batteries processing through crushing by hammer mill, separation of paste by screening and separation by hydrodynamic action. Designed, tested and installed by the same team of technician and other specialists that later in 1978 go to compose the new-born company called Engitec (staying forEngineering and Technology).



- Process & Technology Study
- R&D, Lab Test, in-house pilot Plants
- Feasibility study, CAPEX & OPEX
- Detailed Plant Engineering
- Detailed design of special equipment
- In-house Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)
- Site Assistance
- Plant Operation
- Spare Parts Management
- After Sale assistance and services
- Plant Revamping and technology up-dating


INSPIRING INNOVATION is the key Company Mission of Engitec, which is pursued daily by developing recycling technologies to enable efficiency and environmental compliance.

These Companies share the same Mission and are part of Engitec Group in different sectors of activity:

Recycling and Metallurgy
GMS Global Metallurgical Solution, Novate (MI), Italy

Energy and Photovoltaic

Kablitz, Germany

A2L Energy, Italy

Equipment Manufacturing and Material Handling

Samec, Cremona, Italy

MHT, Novate (Milan), Italy

Foreign Activities

Engitec Green (Shanghai) Metallurgical Technologies, Shanghai, PRC

Engitec USA, United States of America